I was hoping to see some great cosplay at the expo this year, and Huntsvegas did not disappoint! This event had some of the best I’ve seen at any event so far. Way to show out, Hunstville! You made me proud.

Next up is a local block party event at the Hippie Butterfly on May the 6th. After that, I’m off to Nashville for my very first Vampire Diaries event. I am so looking forward to meeting fellow TVD fans. I didn’t expect to love this show, but once I started watching it this year, I couldn’t stop!

I Met the Best People

Anytime someone’s eyes lock onto a table full of novels and they head my way as if pulled by an invisible rope, my face lights up. I love people who read–they’re my tribe!–and people who read fiction tend to get me more than the average person. Being an introvert at a convention full of thousands of people is incredibly stressful, but when the person approaching me loves books like I do, it gives me a “safe place” to be with people.

I also met people who are writing their own books, and I could not encourage them enough. I believe every single one of us has at least one book inside of us. In this era where indie publishing has made the road to authordom so accessible, I love to see people chasing their dreams.

Lastly, I’m toying with the idea of making stickers to sell at upcoming events. The designs are above are just a few of those I’ve come up with. Some are spookier, because… well, it’s me. If anyone has an idea of the best way to make these, please let me know. I’m still investigating my options.