Salem – Day 2

Our second full day in Salem, and still no ghosts, apparitions, spooky sounds, or unusual haunting activities. The lights in our room flicker a little, but that could be attributed to old or poor wiring. I never got over the feeling that we were never entirely alone, but there is nothing scientific I can say to back that up.

The family and I spent another day in a few of the shops. Fae got to visit Die With Your Boots On, where they bought a pair of boots. The ’80s industrial rock goth kid in me had a field day looking at some of the clothing and listening to the old music streaming over the speakers.

Lunch was at the Sea Level Oyster Bar, and it was heavenly. The food was perfect, and even though the day was gray and rainy, the view of the Derby Waterfront District from the upper-level seats was wonderful.

After lunch, we browsed a few more shops before our visit to the famous Witch House, the former home of Judge Jonathan Corwin. The self-guided tour was interesting, and it showed a lot of what life was like back in Judge Corwin’s day, but I think it really would have benefited from a little more light. Some of the displays were nearly impossible to read. It was a neat house to see, though.

Originally, this was to be our first night in Boston, and we had bought tickets to see the Ghosts and Gravestones tour, so last night we took the drive into Boston for the trolley tour, which was a lot of fun. The tour guides took on personas as ghosts and let us into some of the graveyards (which were closed to the public for the evening). It was entertaining and informative, and there were some fun photo opportunities. One of the funniest moments in the trip was the short visit to the grave of Sam Adams. The grave is on the perimeter of the cemetery, across the street from a Beantown pub. The guide said that this is “the only place in the country where you can crack open a cold Sam Adams across the street from a cold Sam Adams.” It was great to have the host explain a few of the myths behind the Omni Parker House, which is the hotel we are staying in tomorrow tonight. I will get into those myths a little bit more in tomorrow’s post.

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