Countdown to Salem

Two weeks from today, I should be waking up in Salem, Massachusetts. To say I’m looking forward to the trip is a gross understatement. Yes, I am looking forward to the days off from the unfulfilling job that pays well, but which (literally) affords me the ability to take trips like this one. Mostly, though, it’s the idea of being in Salem, which is almost a mecca for folks like me who love all things witchy. In fact, the book I’m working on now draws largely on the Craft and the years I’ve spent studying it and practicing as a… neo-pagan, I guess? That’s the beauty of the Craft–there’s not really a need to give one’s personal practice a label.

My family and I will be staying in Salem for the first few days, and then spending the 4th in Boston. We’re booked at the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem and the Omni Parker House in Boston, both of which are reputedly haunted (hence my reason for wanting to stay there)! One of my goals for any trips that I take to places that are allegedly haunted will be to report back to my blog any unusual experiences I have. If I sense there is anything supernatural afoot, I will let you know! I am both skeptical and receptive to the paranormal, so if there’s anything going on, I plan to investigate it and get video or photographs if I can.

I’ll also post pics of the trip for y’all so you can see some of the cool places we go. Krow (my kiddo) is an amateur photog, so hopefully, he’ll let me use some of the cool pics he’s bound to take. His friend Fae is coming as well, and they are super-receptive to the otherworldly, so this should be an interesting trip.

Two weeks and counting. I am over-the-moon excited! Stay tuned!

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